Shawn Conn (aka: Shantyshawn, Shanty) apprenticed under Todd “Bare” Barry, who learned the craft from Sailor Barney, of Sailor Fred’s Golden Needle fame. The first family of tattooing in Rochester. He was also given a lot of valuable guidance by Doc Yager and Angelina as he embarked on his career as an ink jockey.

He opened a shop in 1991 in Brockport, NY with “Bare” called Wild Side Art, Inc, which eventually moved to Holley and was ultimately closed in 1995. He then moved to Erie, PA where he tattooed at various shops as a guest artist, until moving back to NY in 1997, where he tattooed part time in Brockport with Angelina and her sister Lidia at Cosmic Rainbow II, until he ended up working at Wild Side (just a coincidence) in Rochester, NY. In 1999 Wild Side opened up a second location in Henrietta, NY headed up by Shawn and was eventually taken over by The Ultimate.

In 2006, Shawn began to cut back his hours, in order to concentrate on his desire to pursue a painting career. His work has been in numerous shows around the country and world, including LA, Denmark and Thailand. He’s also become involved in the apparel industry designing t-shirts, such as the heralded “Blackbird’s Attackin’ in the Dead O’ Night” at Design by Humans, as well as shirts for Artcotic, Futureshirts and others.

Shawn has had his work featured in various trade publications and has amassed an impressive collection of awards over the years. He specializes in dark art, black & grey and animal and human portraiture, but he’s developed a large following of fans due to his versatility and willingness to be available to his clients.

Shawn only works a couple days a week, due to his busy art career, but he tries hard to keep his booking out only a few months. If you’d like to get tattooed by
Shawn, you have to have patience, but we guarantee the wait will be well worth it.