Body Piercer & President of The Ultimate Body Jewelry Company, Inc. 

Elizabeth received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York.  She spent most of her twenty four year nursing career in the James P Wilmont Cancer Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center.  She has owned and operated The Ultimate since 2002, enjoying her shift in focus to Quality-Safety-Client Satisfaction in the body art and modification industry.  Initially collaborating with Jason Morningstar of Primitive Impressions and his staff was invaluable in developing an appreciation for the skill, cognitive ability, and sensitivity that enhance the piercing experience.  Elizabeth completed her body piercing apprenticeship in 2005 with endearing gratitude to her mentors, Nick Giordano and Bonnie Harter.  Elizabeth is committed to continuing education

and quality improvements.  This along with a solid comfort level in handling needles,  aseptic technique, universal precautions, and strong assessment skills enhanced her development as a piercer.  She supports the piercing guidelines and aftercare recommendations of the Association of Professional Piercers.

In 2012 Elizabeth developed an interest in permanent makeup application.  In 2013 she chose to attend Susan Church Permanent Makeup Education in Costa Mesa California due to impressive credentials, detailed curriculum, and outstanding reputation in the industry at large.  This comprehensive certification program encompasses all of the professional standards compatible with Elizabeth’s focus on quality, safety, and client satisfaction.  The curriculum included:  135 hours of education; 85 hours of online and at home study plus 50 hours of face to face lecture

and supervised clinical experience by Susan Church, Director of education for SCPME.  State of the art equipment, supplies and techniques are one of the hallmarks of SCPME, along with an ongoing communication process and continuing education opportunities for certified graduates.  “My job is the best!  I work with an awesome group of talented piercers and tattoo artists who enjoy what they do as much as I do.  We meet new people every day and get to do something to make them happy.  Permanent makeup application is a wonderful compliment to what has been going on at The Ultimate for 11 years.  I’m very excited to be offering this service to you and doing something I love to do.”